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Student Access to Summer Online Services

posted Jun 6, 2012, 8:44 AM by Mike Tuntland

Online student systems will remain active through the summer for students to take advantage of.   Please note that school-approved systems are monitored by Saint Mary Technology Administrators Jim Shimanek and Mike Tuntland.  Our filtering systems will remain active at all times. 

Google Apps/Gmail
Students will continue to have access to Google Apps through Saint Mary through the summer.  Students have been instructed to continue to observe a professional presence on the system.  All emails, chats, and documents will continued to be scanned utilizing Google Filtering services that will flag any inappropriate content, language, and strings of information to the attention of school technology administrators.  Any incidences of bullying or inappropriate use may result in termination of email privilege for the rest of the summer. 

If students need any assistance with Gmail over the summer, they can email Mr. Tuntland at mtuntland@stmarybg.org or Jim Shimanek at jshimanek@stmarybg.org.   We encourage parents or anyone else who has questions or need to report incidences to also contact us.    

Typing Pal
The Typing Pal software will remain active through the summer for students to practice their typing skills.  In general their user name is the first name + first letter of their last name.  Their password is the first name.  If their first name is shorter than 5 letters, their password has a 1234 at the end.  If anyone is locked out or needs help, they should submit a Help Ticket or contact smshelp@stmarybg.org 

Students Leaving Saint Mary
Students who have graduated or are leaving Saint Mary will have their Google Apps accounts terminated as of June 30.  We encourage those with information, documents, and projects they'd like to download to do so by June 30. 

Opting Out of Network Resources During Summer
For those parents who wish to not have their students have access to Gmail during the summer, should contact a Technology Administrator in writing regarding the request.  Unless we are given written notice, accounts will remain active through the summer.