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Principal's Newsletter

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Saint Mary School 
A National School of Excellence - February 2011

“Catholic Schools:  A+ for America” beneath a stylized banner of stars and stripes in red and blue is the logo designed for the week.  The theme for Catholic Schools Week 2011 celebrates the fact that Catholic schools are an added value (“a plus”) for the nation.  Because of their traditionally high academic standards and high graduation rates, all supported by strong moral values, Catholic schools and their graduates make a positive contribution to American society.  Catholic schools give a high level of service (the A+ level) to local communities because of the many service projects students undertake. “Giving back to the community” and “helping others” are values instilled in every Catholic school students.  Catholic schools give a high level of service to the nation(the A+level) by serving students from all economic backgrounds and giving them a strong academic and moral foundation, allowing them to succeed in life, serving in the government, industry, business, non-profit and educational fields.

Open House/Catholic Schools Week

Catholic Schools week begins on Sunday, January 30th after 11:30 Mass.  Families and friends are invited to visit the classrooms, meet the teachers and see the brilliant work that the children are doing here at Saint Mary School. 


It has been brought to our attention that there are parents who had no idea that Saint Mary School  has a website.  Each day various items are added for parent information along with Thursday envelope copies.  We are very proud of the website and want to make sure every parent sees it and makes it a point to go on the website regularly. 

Teachers have mentioned that parents are not using Headmaster to check their child’s grades.  You can call the school office and talk to Bonnie to find your passwords.  Headmaster is accessed through the school website at school.stmarybg.org, go to Headmaster.

 Parent Teacher Conferences
The second trimester ends on Friday, February 11th.  Report cards will be sent home the following week.  Parent/Teacher conferences will take place on Thursday, February 24that 1:00-4:00 and 6:00-7:30.

Build your child’s enthusiasm

school and learning

A child’s experiences at school affect his attitude about learning, and so do his experiences at home.  To build your child’s enthusiasm about education.: A child’s experiences at school affect his attitude about learning, and so do his experiences at home. 

·         Be a role model.  If you’re positive about school, your child is more likely to feel the same way.  In addition to saying good things about school, attend parent-teacher conferences, parent-teacher conferences, parent-teacher organization meetings and other school events.  Supervise homework time and show interest in your child’s school day.

·         Compliment success.  When your child works hard, be sure to speak up!  This helps him make a connection between effort and feeling good.

·         Link lessons to real life.  Show that what your child learns at school can help him in real life.  Math skills may help him spend money wisely or understand sports statistics.  A vocabulary word may show up in a favorite movie or book.

Printed with permission “Parents make the difference”


On behalf of our faculty and staff, we wish to extend our sincere thanks for your generosity at Christmas.  You brightened our holidays!....

Also, thank you from the After School Staff for the wonderful gifts they received. 


Spelling Bee
Congratulations to Edyta Czaplinski who won the 2011 Spelling Bee with runner up being Maria Lopera.   These students went 25 rounds to determine a winner. Both were very well prepared and spent much time studying for the bee.  Edyta will continue onto the Lake County Regional Sectionals on February 23rd in Deerfield.  She will compete against 29 other schools in Lake County.  We wish her good luck.


Geography Bee
Congratulations to Martin Falkiner who won the 2011 Geography Bee. John Lipka won second place and Robert Rao won third place.  Great job boys!


Bus Update
February 4      No bus home

Encourage thankfulness in your child with the compliment game

Children tend to think of themselves as the center of the universe.  Here’s a game that can get them to focus on the contributions other people make to their lives.

Each evening at dinner, play the compliment game.  One by one, family members either offer a compliment to someone else or thank someone else.

“I’d like to thank Mom.  This dinner is my very favorite.”  Or, “I’d like to compliment Ryan.  I couldn’t find my gym shoes this morning.  He helped me look for them until I found them.”

If you do this each day, your children will begin to pay attention.

They’ll notice the nice things others do for them.  They will thank other family members for helping them.

Your compliments will have an effect on your children.  You will also see them repeat the behavior so you can compliment them again.



Are you teaching your child how to prioritize?

  Prioritizing is a tall order for many children.  What is the main thing they need to do?  How can they focus on that?

  Are you helping your child learn how to prioritize?  Answer yes or not to the questions below to find out:

___ 1.  Do you encourage your child to write down assignments every day – from tomorrow’s.

____2.  Have you explained that your child’s top priority should be anything that is due tomorrow?

____3.  Do you help your child decide what to do first if several things are due at the same time?

____4.  Do you encourage your child to complete a small part of a long-term project each day?

____5.  Do you enforce rules about what has to be done before he can watch TV or play video games?

How well are you doing?

Each yes means you are helping your child prioritize.  For each no answer, try that idea in the quiz.



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