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Parking Lot Procedures - Begin Tues., October 11

posted Oct 10, 2011, 1:22 PM by Mike Tuntland   [ updated Oct 10, 2011, 1:24 PM ]
Beginning on Tuesday, October 11, all traffic entering the Saint Mary School parking lot will need to follow new drop-off and parking procedures. Teachers will be out to assist in directing traffic and ensuring students are at the right place.  Please note, there is no parking in the church lot.   Click on the picture for a larger version. 

1. All traffic should procede to the lot as normal from Lake Cook Rd or Buffalo Grove entrance. 

2. Prepare to merge into one single lane of traffic. 

3. Follow traffic through to Door #1.  

4. Teachers will assist in bringing vehicles to the door and letting students out. 

5. All students are to proceed into the school building.  
Grades K-3 will continue to go to the Main Hall, Grades 4-8 will report to the Cafeteria via the Main Hall. 

6. When leaving the lot, parents will be routed along two routes.  Those wishing to turn north and east should exit using the east church exit onto Buffalo Grove Rd.  Those wishing to travel west and south, should proceed to Church Street and turn left to travel to Raupp Blvd to get to Lake Cook Rd.  

All wishing to park and enter the school, should park ONLY in the new parking spaces immediately west of the school.  All visitors and guests are to report to the Main Office to sign in with office staff.

1. Parents should enter the lot as usual and park in the west or south parking lot to wait for their children.  

2. Upon leaving school, please be VERY careful when leaving the lots as to avoid any type of incidents with students.