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Meet Our New Teachers

posted Aug 15, 2011, 5:08 PM by Mike Tuntland   [ updated Sep 2, 2011, 8:00 PM by nraftery@stmarybg.org ]
Saint Mary School is proud to introduce some of our new faculty members.  We look forward to having them join our Saint Mary School Family.    






MR. CASEY LYNDE - Pre-Algebra and Algebra
Mr. Lynde just graduated from the University of Wisconsin with a degree in Sociology and a certificate in teaching. He specializes in pre-algebra and algebra and has experience tutoring college students in these areas. “I am a graduate of Saint Mary School and excited to be working at my alma mater!  I experienced great teachers at Saint Mary and now I want to be a great teacher for the bright young minds of tomorrow,” Mr. Lynde said. “I strive to create a classroom that has a positive learning environment, where everyone wants to learn and has fun.  Pre-Algebra and Algebra are challenging subjects.  I want my students to plan on working hard – success in school comes from working hard and having teachers who facilitate learning by supporting their students’ hard work with effective teaching strategies.”
MRS. ALICIA MANGIALARDI - Spanish, Kindergarten - 8th Grade
Mrs. Mangialardi has a Bachelor’s degree in Spanish from Loyola University and a Master’s degree from National-Louis University in Curriculum and Instruction.  She is certified in Spanish teaching with endorsements in Bilingual Education and ESL/ELL, and her professional background includes teaching at many levels including elementary school students, high school students and college level courses. “I am looking forward to sharing my love, knowledge and enthusiasm of the Spanish language and its culture with students, staff and parents.  I am both bilingual and bicultural (of Cuban origin) so I am very excited to share both the technicalities of the Spanish language as well as information about Spanish culture with my students, to give them comprehensive exposure to the language and prepare them well for high school,” Mrs. Mangialardi said.
MR. COREY SMITH - 5th and 6th Grade Social Studies and Special Services
Mr. Smith is a recent honors graduate of North Park University. He grew up in Minnesota before moving to Chicago for college. He is an avid sports fan and outdoor enthusiast, and this past summer worked as a guide for youth and adult groups in the Boundary Waters. “My area of specialty is middle school.  I have endorsements in Social Studies and Learning Disabilities with concentrations in content area reading and vocabulary.  I also have personal interest and experience in leveraging technology to deliver instruction in exciting, engaging ways for kids,” said Mr. Smith. “I am looking forward to meeting all the kids!  Students are the reason that I enjoy teaching so I am very excited to meet all of them and be able to engage in learning with them.  I am really looking forward to becoming a part of the Saint Mary community. I hope that my classroom will be a place where children feel free to ask questions, learn and be themselves.”
MRS. MEREDITH DUGGAN - 4th and 5th Grade Math and Special Services
Mrs. Duggan has a diverse background in teaching primary grade levels and special education students. She holds a Master’s degree in Teaching from  National-Louis University and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Organizational and  Corporate Communications from Northern Illinois University. “My goal as a teacher is to engage my students and have them practice being critical thinkers. Students should feel comfortable being expressive and not be afraid to ask questions.  I want my classroom environment to be a place where everyone's ideas are shared and explored,” Mrs. Duggan said. “I value each and every student's opinions, and I want students to learn to do the same. I look forward to continuing to find the best ways for all students to achieve and be successful learners. I am eager to get to know the students and their parents. St. Mary is a great school and a wonderful parish.  I'm so happy to be part of the community!” 
MRS. DEBBY EMERY - 3rd Grade
Mrs. Emery attended Catholic grade school, high school and college, graduating Summa Cum Laude from Barat College in Lake Forest with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Elementary Education. Her professional teaching experience includes seven years as a classroom teacher at Santa Maria del Popolo School in Mundelein teaching 3rd grade. Last year, she served as a 1st Grade instructional aide at St. Mary. “I believe in engaging students in meaningful activities and helping each child reach his or her highest potential. Being creative as a teacher helps motivate students by making learning fun and meaningful at the same time. I strive to address the range of abilities in the classroom by incorporating Learning Centers that correspond to the students’ needs,” Mrs. Emery said. “I communicate with parents through newsletters, email, phone calls, and a website. Last, but not least, I have a good sense of humor, an enormous amount of patience, and I love working with children. I look forward to encouraging students to take advantage of the amazing opportunities that Saint Mary has to offer. Most importantly, I look forward to teaching in a Catholic school where I can share my faith and love of God with my students each and every day.”

MS. MARY  MORAN - Half-day Kindergarten                                                                                                                                                                                                     Ms. Moran is one of seven siblings, and she has three nephews and two nieces. She has been a part of the Catholic community her entire life, including her education at Saint James in Arlington Heights. Her father was taught at Saint Mary’s and eventually married her mother in the STM church in 1975. Ms. Moran is a graduate from Illinois State University with a Bachelor in Science of Education in December of 2010. She holds an Early Childhood Education degree and is continuing her education at National Louis University with Special Education courses and English as a Second Language courses.  “I am eager to teach and mentor each student as a holistic person,” Ms. Moran said. “Being able to teach at Saint Mary gives me the opportunity to instill a strong, religious foundation for the children who I will have the privilege of teaching.  My classroom environment will be a safe place for students to experience learning and explore new ways to challenge themselves. There will be constant positive reinforcement with enthusiasm for learning throughout the day in my classroom."