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Interactive White Board Demos

posted Apr 19, 2012, 3:22 PM by Mike Tuntland
The teachers and students of Saint Mary are demoing the latest in Interactive white board technology called the Mimio Teach.  The school currently has one demo unit that teachers are trying out with their lessons over the next few weeks.   While the Mimio Studio software is not new to the building, the interactive board technology is.  

Previously, Saint Mary had obtained approximately 10 tablet units which allowed teachers to teach away from the computer, but due to the awkward interface, teachers found it sometimes difficult to operate.  With the interactive white board, the projected image from the projectors in each classroom are easily interacted with by use of a stylus, sensor, and the image on a plane white surface. 

The interaction allows for teachers and students to interact with the computer software and also enables the interaction with all the different computer software and medias including the internet.  

The Technology Department is demoing the unit as part of a comprehensive study to determine what technologies will work the best for the students and staff of Saint Mary.  

The Mimio software is not to be confused with the "Smart" board.  Smart is a brand-name but the concepts are identical - the ability to interact with software and incorporate technologies into lessons.   And let's face it, the kids really are interested in it!