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Earth Month Challenge - Week of April 16

posted Apr 17, 2012, 9:38 PM by Saint Mary SchoolBG

Saint Mary is only 60.5 points away from 2nd place, but we are finally not last anymore.  What are you doing to help with the ComEd Earth Month Challenge.   Don't forget to keep trying to save electricity and energy through your house.  If you cannot find your energy guide,  you can view it here

Only two more weeks to try to be the winning school and see lots of energy savings.  Have any other suggestions? 

What Are This Week's Challenges    

Don't forget to document on your sheets and take pictures or videos and post them to our Facebook page or email them to ComEd site emc@comed.com

1. Ask your parents to set up an online account with ComEd.  Use the energy audit worksheet to help save even more energy. 

2. Vacuum dust away from the vents on your fridge so that it can work more efficiently.

3. Use a dollar bill to test the seal on your fridge.  If it doesn't come out easily, the seal is good!

4. Skip the heated dry cycle on the dishwasher, let them air dry instead. 

5. Find out about the ENERGY STAR WIZARD that can automatically turn off computers when not in use. 

What Are Things We Already Do At School?

Some of our students have been busy producing video skits that we will be sharing on our YouTube page.  Additionally, students have helped identify hallways that receive a good deal of natural light, especially when it is sunny out.  When that is the case, we are turning off the hallway lights to save energy. 

Our second floor hallways are hallways that don't need a lot of artificial light during the school day, so we've turned the lights off!