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Congratulations 7th Grade Science Fair Winners

posted Dec 25, 2012, 1:11 PM by Saint Mary SchoolBG   [ updated Dec 25, 2012, 1:12 PM ]
The top 8 projects will advance to  the Illinois Junior Academy of Science Regional Fair at the Museum of Science and Industry in March.

1st: Jeremy Y. "Roll With It",   2nd: Maddie M. "Recipe for Disaster",   
3rd Tie: Robert R. "Importance of Arm Motion in Sprinting", 
 3rd Tie: Danny B. "Styrofoam vs. Paper",   4th Tie: Madeline G. "Don't Get Me Sick",   
4th Tie: Jeremy R. "Aerodynamic Shapes and Wind Resistance",   
5th: Daniel D. "What Do Fish Prefer?",   6th: Bianca V. "Ol' Faithful: Soda Edition",   
7th: Emily P. "Does Lake Michigan Contain Coliform Bacteria?",  
8th: Patricia D. "Color Memory"