The Buddies Program serves many purposes at our school. The older students are given responsibilities as role models to younger students. The younger students are welcomed as part of the Saint Mary School family by their "Big Buddies". Below are some examples of our Buddy Program at work:
  • Preschoolers and 3rd graders work together on a weekly basis, helping each other with projects and collaborating on school skills. The 3rd graders have to "know their stuff" to share it and the preschoolers immediately have special friends in our older students.
  • Our 1st and 4th graders get together once a month to complete various projects. The 4th graders start off  reading to their 1st grade buddy and by the end of the    year the 1st graders are reading to them! These buddies also spend time writing together and practicing their skills.

This Student Council subcommittee coordinates the paper  recycling program for Saint Mary School. On a regular basis they   re-educate the student body about the importance of recycling   and other environmentally-based initiatives.

The Mass Mates Program pairs each 1st grader with a 7th grade "mate". The students attend every school Mass together, with the 7th grader serving as a helper and an example to the 1st grader.  The program extends outside  of Mass into the classroom with projects and celebrations together. The Mass Mates always end  their year with a special field trip together.
The Preteachers are student volunteers from 5th-8th grade who work with faculty and staff to assist in a variety of activities. Early in the school year the students sign up and are matched with a teacher.  Then, on an individual basis, the student and teacher mentor make a plan for the year. Some preteacher tasks include: bulletin board creation, making displays and assembling work packets.
The scouting programs are open to boys and girls in Kindergarten through 8th grade. They focus on service, learning, community and fun. Many parents find scouting to be a fun and easy way to become involved at Saint Mary School.
This subcommittee of the Student Council plans and runs social events for Saint Mary students. Some examples of outings and activities organized by the Service and Spirit group are:  Halloween Hayride, Ski and Snowboard trips, the 7th and 8th grade socials and the 5th and 6th grade sports and games nights.

When you are thinking about enrolling your child in Saint Mary School the Ambassadors are your best resource! These students are available to answer questions, give tours during Open Houses, and offer a unique student perspective on life at Saint Mary School.
The Student Council exists as the student liasion between school administration and the student body. By staying aware of the needs of their peers, the student council sets goals, petitions to get them approved and works to make them happen!  Student Council is organized by a group of Student Council Officers who meet regularly with their faculty advisor. Student Council members are dedicated to being role models of Academic Excellence, Catholic Identity and Behavioral Integrity, for our Saint Mary Student Body.